Thursday, 18 August 2011


Derek Landy's new Skulduggery Pleasant book Death Bringer was today released for a limited time at the Edinburgh Book Festival.
Derek has also revealed some details on the book (beware for potential spoilers):

"Oh it’s a nice book. Oh it’s a BIG book. 603 hardback pages, compared to Mortal Coil’s 572. AND the print is slightly smaller, so we’ve crammed more words onto each page, so in reality Death Bringer is... er... well, a lot more than 31 pages longer."

"So, to the people who have the book, thank you very much for not posting spoilers. Now, it’s not going to be easy over the next two weeks, because curiosity is a powerful thing, and some people on this Blog, and Facebook, and the Forums, and all over, will be begging you for JUST ONE LITTLE SPOILER- but you must resist. Giving one person a spoiler could spoil it for EVERYONE- so I’m asking you once again to stay strong, no matter how much they plead or cajole or threaten..."
You can pre-order Death Bringer ahead of it's official release here.

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